10 questions to ask before hiring a roofer

As we’ve mentioned before, your roof is a big investment. Choosing the right contractor for your job is important. Before you sign on the dotted line (hopefully there is one), ask these questions…

1) Are you licenced and do you have a GST number?
Companies will require a licence or permit to work in your city or town. They should also be registered with Revenue Canada and have a GST number.

2) Do you carry liability insurance?
The roofing company should carry general liability insurance to ensure you are covered in any circumstance. Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy.

3) Are you covered by WCB?
The roofing company should have WCB coverage for its employees. They should be able to provide you with a copy of valid and up-to-date coverage upon request.

4) Do you provide a written contract?
The best way to ensure you are protected, is to have a written agreement with your roofing contractor. This should include such details as proposed timing, payment terms, warranty information, and all elements included as part of the job.

5) Do you offer a labour warranty?
Your shingles will come with a manufacturer’s warranty (make sure to ask for this information). In addition to this product warranty, your roofing company should also offer a labour warranty. This will cover installation and workmanship.

6) Do you have references?
It is always a good idea to ask for a couple references. You will have the chance to learn more about their quality of work, efficiency, punctuality, clean-up, safety and overall customer service.

7) What safety protocols do you follow?
The company should have a safety plan, trained staff, use fall-safety protection and have a supervisor on-site at all times.

8) Will there be sub-contractors on the project site? 
Will the roofers/labourers on the roof be employees of the company or are they subcontracted? You should know who is on your roof and whether they have the proper licences, insurances and expertise to do the job. 

9) Do you follow manufacturer installation guidelines? 
This is important. If the roof is not installed to manufacturer specifications, their product warranty may not be valid.

10) Can you provide product and installation details?
Your roofer should be able to provide detailed information about products, differences between products, installation requirements and enhanced options that are available to help protect your roof. Make sure your roofer is knowledgeable.