Buyers Tip – Beware of Knock-off Shingles

Knock-offs aren’t just for purses and sunglasses. Believe it or not, overseas companies manufacture and ship knock-off shingles to Canada. In many cases, knock-off shingles may be packaged with the names of reputable companies and show approved trademarks. However, they are not manufactured by these companies, nor are they usually designed to handle our climate. They may be much lighter, cheaper to purchase, and cheaper to install.

How can you avoid purchasing knock-off shingles?

If you are a homeowner purchasing shingles, make sure you use a reputable supplier who orders directly from the manufacturer (usually in Canada or the United States). If you hire a roofing company, ensure they do the same! Also, make sure to receive a few quotes from different roofing companies. As in any industry, if one contractor is able to significantly underbid their competitors – ask why!